Meet Our Executive Director

Sydney Smith Zvara

Here in our state, as elsewhere in the nation -- the health care coverage challenges we face are many as we strive to provide access to quality, affordable health care. Just a few of the stubbornly unresolved issues include rising health care costs, prescription drugs, the uninsured, medical liability reform, and appropriate use of new technologies.

The challenges our health care system in Washington State faces are numerous, but so are the opportunities.

The time is right for us all to work together, legislators, state agencies, community leaders, employers, health care providers, and consumers, to develop creative solutions that will successfully address these issues. We can help shape the future of our state's health care system.

As members of AWHP, and as individual health care plans, our members are working hard to help assure Washington residents access to affordable, high-quality health care choices, and effective use of precious health care resources. Recent activities include:

  • Regulatory Simplification - Collaborative project with state agencies to simplify burdensome, complex, and sometimes overlapping and conflicting regulatory processes and reporting requirements.
  • Administrative Simplification - Joint effort with a coalition of health plans, physicians, hospitals, and purchasers that has joined together to streamline and improve the health care system.
  • Chronic Care Management - Educational event sponsored by AWHP, for medical community and health care leaders, to promote effective, quality care for patients with chronic diseases like diabetes and asthma.
  • Patient Safety - Active support of community-wide effort to improve patient safety and reduce medical errors.

As we approach the future, you can count on AWHP to continue to serve as an advocate for legislation, regulatory requirements, and health care delivery improvements that meet the needs of Washington State.

Sydney Smith Zvara
Executive Director
Association of Washington Healthcare Plans